Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

We have been collaborating with the ZDHC group since its foundation by providing colorants-specific input on the Manufacturer Restricted Substances List (MRSL) as well as general advice on existing certification systems.
Among other things, we also specially promoted the use of responsible care and product stewardship programs as indicators of reliable chemical manufacturers. Additionally, we published two references  for down-stream users: "ETAD trace metal limits for dyes used in textile applications" and "ETAD recommended trace metal limits for organic pigments used in textile applications".

Our activities in further detail:

  • We promote ETAD’s companies as reliable colorants suppliers

  • We participate in ZDHC 's  Chemical Industry Advisory Group (CIAG) and MRSL Adisory Council (MAC), representing, together with TEGEWA and various chemical companies, responsible manufacturers of textile chemicals

  • We coordinated and provided necessary information for the creation of a realistic MRSL for textiles

  • We follow the development of testing routines for specific substances in colorants

  • We provide feedback to the fact sheets on different classes of chemicals

  • We help in the assessment of new chemicals proposed for the MRSL



Working together for safer colorants