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Information notices

  • Short information notice on the status of azo pigments classified as WGK 3 in GermanyDownload
  • ETAD mandatory limits for impurities in dyes_Rev 2017Download
  • ETAD element limits for pigments in toys Download
  • New Information Note on colophony-containing pigments Download
  • Chlorine-containing colorants in masterbatches Download
  • EUPIA List and DOL Download
  • ETAD Information Notice No 6 (rev. 2008) Download
  • Diarylide pigments and the PBT/vPvB issue Download
  • COTANCE/ETAD Information Note Download
  • ETAD Information on the 19th Amendment of the Restrictions on the Marketing and Use of Certain Azocolorants Download
  • Guidance for the User Industry on the Environmental Hazard Labelling of Dyestuffs Download
  • ETAD Information Notice No 7 Significance of the bacterial reverse mutation test as predictor of rodent and human carcinogenicity Download