We recognized since the beginning of the nano debate that organic pigments are nanomaterials whose safety is supported by all existing scientific studies and test results.
We have worked since in different frameworks and in direct contact with authorities to strengthen this message.
Our most recent activity is a specific project aimed to clarify the inhalation toxicity of nano pigments in comparison to non-nano pigments.

Key points of our strategy:

  • Organic pigments are been on the market for several decades, and experience over this time has given no indication of adverse effects that can be attributed solely to their very small size

  • We found that available measurement methods indicated that several pigments might be definitely identified as nanomaterials

  • In line with its commitment to Responsible Care, we decided to base our activities on the assumption that all organic pigments are nanomaterials

  • We evaluate exposure scenarios for pigments, especially those where humans may come into prolonged and continuous contact with systems containing nano organic pigments

  • We collect all available information and create new data to confirm the safety of our products

  • We communicate clearly with authorities and discuss how to clarify the status of organic pigments as regards inventories or specific nano-related legislation

Working together for safer colorants