Benefits for members

  • Unique opportunity to discuss and solve common issues together
  • Free access to our existing analytical methods
  • Free access to our internal toxicological and ecotoxicological studies
  • Guidance to worldwide regulation affecting colorants
  • Communication with retailers and standard issuers
  • Collaboration with authorities on regulations affecting colorants
  • Cooperation in development of analytical methods and internal toxicological and ecotoxicological studies
  • Support to colorant manufacturers in their sustainable development 

The advantages of joining ETAD in detail

  • We are recognized by regulatory authorities, customers, and the public as the authoritative source of information on health, safety, and environmental issues relating to organic colorants
  • We represent the interests of members and customers to government authorities, the media, other industries, public interest groups, organized labour, academia, and research/testing/consulting organizations
  • We advocate for harmonized requirements, so that compliance costs are reduced 
  • We encourage our members to adhere worldwide to a high ethical standard and promote the image of a responsible and safety-minded manufacturing industry
  • We provide guidance to ETAD member companies on interpretation of new regulatory requirements and recommends specific measures to implement ETAD's Code of Ethics
  • We develop and publish education and training materials pertaining to organic colorants, e.g. for safe handling practices, product stewardship, and pollution prevention
  • We organize cost-sharing of research and testing programs aimed at a better understanding of the health and environmental aspects of dyes and organic pigments 
  • We respond to inquiries about the colorants' industry, provide information on topical issues and disseminate comments and position papers
  • We maintain and make available to members a computerized database of literature pertaining to the health and environmental aspects of colorants.  

Working together for safer colorants