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26/03/2015 ETAD and EURATEX comment the Dutch report "Hazardous Substances in Textile Products” (RIVM Report 2014-0155)

The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) prepared end of 2014 the report on “Hazardous substances in textile Products” (RIVM Report 2014-0155), whose results were discussed during the meeting of the expert group on textiles of the European Commission on the 25th of March 2015. ETAD and Euratex prepared their consolidated comments to the document to be presented during the same meeting. Apart from some imprecisions, the two associations found that, in their approach, the authors understood very clearly what hazard, risk, exposure and used the available information quite appropriately. Also the conclusions reached in the document were down-to-earth and reflected the current state-of-the-art of the textile value chain.

ETAD and Euratex also offered their collaboration in case the Netherlands would decide to start further related activities in the future. The complete comments are available on our “Positions and comments” page.

26/11/2014 ETAD criticises KemI report

In May 2014 ETAD had accepted to take part in a new project on the risk of hazardous chemicals in textiles, carried on by the Swedish Chemical Agency (KemI). Updated information on the current status of dyes production and application processes was provided to the Swedish authorities, which prepared a draft report in August 2014. The document was circulated among all contributors, including ETAD, TEGEWA, and Euratex.

Unfortunately, in the three associations’ opinion, the draft report contained a number of questionable assumptions and interpretations which affected severely its conclusions and gave an extremely biased picture of the EU textile value chain. Particularly as regards dyes, they were associated with a high risk and a high release in the environment.

The three associations submitted their comments to KemI and presented them also during the meeting of the European Commission where the report was discussed. After the official publication of the final report in October, a common statement from ETAD, TEGEWA, and Euratex was prepared and distributed to all interested parties, and also presented during the CARACAL meeting on November 10-11th, 2014.The document is available at our Position Papers page

09/09/2014 ETAD‘s recommendations for threshold limits on impurities in dyes - UPDATE

The first revision of ETAD‘s recommendations for threshold limits on impurities in dyes is completed, and the new version of the document can be found in our Publications page. The recommendations reflect the results of ETAD’s and TEGEWA’s collaboration with the ZDHC group, which led to the creation of the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substance List.

02/04/2014 ESC update

ETAD's Environmental Sustainability Committee has now its section on our webpage, where the specific tasks and activity of the 1-year-old committee are presented. The page can be found in the Committee section of this website.

01/04/2014 Revision of German Recommendation IX

The German authorities are planning a revision of their Recommendation IX on Colorants for Plastics and other Polymers Used in Commodities, and invited interested stakeholders to provide their proposals for possible amendments. ETAD is taking part in the project and already sent to BfR its comments, based on member companies' feedback and aimed to align the document with the current knowledge on the toxicity and the general properties of dyes and pigments used in this application.