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12/07/2016 Updated ETAD Method 212

After a final Round Robin test carried out in member companies' laboratories, ETAD's Analytical Experts Team finalized the update of Method 212 "Identification and Quantification of Primary Aromatic Amines in Organic Pigments by HPLC". The new version, "ETAD Method 212, Edition May 3rd, 2016", is available to all member companies and can be downloaded from the e-room.


09/06/2016 Stricter requirements for ETAD companies

During ETAD’s General Assembly in May 2016, member companies approved unanimously a stricter version of the association’s Code of Ethics. In its new version, the Code of Ethics requires that all dyes sold by ETAD’s members for consumer applications have to comply with limits for heavy metals, potential aromatic amines from reductive cleavage and other organic impurities.

Additionally, it is now required that members register as a member of the UN Global Compact, or issue an own binding Code of Conduct, embracing as a minimum the standards and values of the UN Global Compact.

Companies will have a transition period of two years from the General Assembly decision to implement the new Code of Ethics (i.e., until May 2018).

The new text of the Code of Ethics can be read here. A quick reference for the corresponding implementation of the new impurity criteria is also available.

07/06/2016 Meghmani Dyes and Intermediates Ltd. is a new ETAD member

ETAD is glad to welcome Meghmani Dyes and Intermediates Ltd as a new member. The company, based in India, is a dyes manufacturer, with a sortiment including reactive, vat, acid, solvent, and leather dyes as well as petroleum dyes and wood stains.

01/03/2016 Hwa Tai is a new ETAD member

ETAD is glad to welcome Hwa Tai Industry as its first associate member. The company, based in Thailand, is a subsidiary of the Siam Pro Dyechem Group and its product portfolio includes both dyes and pigments.

20/01/2016 Fujifilm leaves ETAD

The company FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Limite, based in the UK, left ETAD effectively from January 1st, 2016.