The DOC addresses principally dye issues arising in regions not covered by the other regional operating committees (i.e. excluding Japan, USA and South America).

Even though the main focus is European issues (notably within the European Union), general issues with special impact on dyes are also under the responsibility of the DOC.

Key activity areas are:

  • Implementation of the Code of Ethics which was extended in 1997 to include the principles of responsible care.
  • Representation of member company interests on regulatory issues
    - classification of hazardous dyes
    - technical guidance documents for the risk assessment of dyes
    - encouraging the proper enforcement of regulations
    - increasing the awareness of the authorities to the special characteristics of the dyes business (multiproduct, small volume, innovative). The sector is disproportionately affected by certain regulatory measures.
  • Development of scientific data to increase understanding of the possible health and environmental effects of dyes.
  • Cooperation with customer associations (primarily of the textile, paper, leather and printing ink industries).
  • Harmonisation of regulatory requirements worldwide which affect dyes.

The Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAC) reports to the DOC. The RAC monitors regulatory developments worldwide,discusses the potential impact on ETAD members, and initiates appropriate responses.